Hanen Course: Learning Language and Loving It

Hanen’s ‘Learning Language and Loving It’ Program

I am licenced to deliver Hanen's 'Learning Language and Loving It' program, which is an internationally acclaimed training course that uses video recordings of practitioner's interactions with children to promote change in practitioner's supportive interactions with children.  A very well developed and researched project.  For more details see: http://www.hanen.org/hanen-programs/programs-for-educators/learning-language-loving-it-program.aspx

For a powerful research report on this program, see http://www.hanen.org/SiteAssets/Helpful-Info/Research-Summary/Learning-Language-Research-Summary.aspx

Fee for delivery available on request - delivery can also be arranged as part of a service level agreement with a school.  Please contact me and I would be very happy to discuss this further.  07521 323639.