On-site training for staff members. Using supported self-reflection of themselves interacting with children in their setting (on video) and guided one-to-one discussion with the SLT, Practitioners are facilitated to develop their skills as a supportive and language-promoting communication partners for children, particularly for vulnerable communicators.


  • ‘TIC’ aims to increase Practitioners’ awareness of how they interact with children and develop children’s opportunities for communication– maximising the setting’s most powerful resource in improving outcomes for children – the Practitioners!
  • Drawing on well-known national and international programs (Camden and Islington Parent-Child Interaction Model and The Hanen Program), ‘TIC’ offers a very practical and powerful learning opportunity, that can be achieved with minimal disruption to the setting.
  • An individual training program for Practitioners, generally arranged within an Early Years Setting (though off-site training for individuals is available).
  • Delivered over 6 weekly sessions, this course combines:
  • Weekly confidential video analysis and review sessions, one-to-one with the Speech and Language Therapist. This allows you to see and analyse how you interact with and support children’s communication, and how the children respond. Over the weeks, you experiment using different communication styles and observe the effects that changing your communication and play practices has on the children. The Practitioner provides the video for each session.
  • Weekly assignments – consisting of a reading tasks and a few short questions, which should take no more than 30 minutes to complete (help can be provided with writing for Practitioners who find this difficult). The assignments form the basis for a weekly conversation with the SLT and relate to ‘Communication In Practice’ topics, to consider the wider communication environment for the child.


Ideal for: Anyone working with children in their foundation years, particularly those working with vulnerable children and / or those with communication difficulties.

·         Duration: 6 weekly sessions or 3 weekly sessions, 1 hour per practitioner

·         Venues: On-site training (‘call-out’ of upto 25 minutes from base included in cost)

·         Cost: £1800 for up to 3 Practitioners in a setting (including call-out within 30 minutes of base, there will be a small additional charge for settings outside of this location). Cost for each additional Practitioner is £525. A shorter course, of 3 weeks is also available, for this the cost is £900, with each additional Practitioner fee of £250.

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·         Any questions? Please get in touch – 07521 323639,